Friday, May 05, 2006

me, mama and father

this foto was taken the nyt b4 my mom left to italy.. it was actually in the hospital where i had my duty.. i just requested them to pass by.. to see my mom b4 she left.. i was so sad bcoz i failed to get her to the airport..


help sumbody...
just wanna share w/ u the nasty things
i've done duty my last duty at MSU..
the story goes like this:
i confidently ask the MN that i will be the
one to pull out the IVF
of my pt.. [wel,wel]..
and so i did..
i accidentally throw the
that's it.. it wasn't supposed to be thrown..

fucked up!!

i learned alot!!
sorry for my pt to happens to
buy another set of line just
of the stupid mistake ive done!!


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